How to Play the Trail & Portal card game


The object of this game is for each player to complete their respective missions, by trading, stealing, competing or chance.


Each player receives a mission card and five resource cards:






Each mission card contains a list of 3 resources that the player must acquire to complete the mission. 

Players then exchange resource cards based on their mission needs. 

Players attempt to make trades for the cards they need.

If the trade is agreed to, players continue trading with other players

If the trade is not agreed to, a player can compel an exchange by playing a competition card.

Playing a card in this game means to hand the competition card to the other player. The other player is required to hand over the card you requested. 

Now the other player has the competition card and can use it in the same way. However, the competition card may be a part of that player's mission.

Awareness cards block competition cards. 

The player with the awareness card can exchange that card in response to a competition card instead of the card requested.

Note: A Cooperation card and a communication card can be played together in lieu of an awareness card. The same is true for a communication card played with a transportation card.

At hosted events, players can play other games of chance to earn resource cards they need.