In the summer of 2007 an ethics committee that oversaw a network of Roaming Portals called on one of their Portals to cease and desist all vampire fish activities. The Human Information, Normalized Knowledge department for Portal 3444, also known as TD, Began secretly harvesting lamprey from some of the Great Lakes and depositing dead fish in various places in rural parts of Arizona and California, near Bakersfield. On occasion, when a Being would get exposed in places and ways antithetical to their protocols, TD would step in with a propaganda campaign that would leverage wild stories in the news about Vampire fish in the middle of nowhere. To cast doubt and confuse stories of people who have claimed to see something miraculous involving Beings.            

Portal 62223 is a Portal outside of any Portal Network that practices various forms of Mysticism popular with some Beings. With a moderate size Portal near Bakersfield, California, Portal 62223 was having uncomfortable experiences with humans that had been turned on to the area by Propaganda from Portal 3444. By some undisclosed method, most likely involving searching the news for similar stories in other places, Agents from the Mystic Portal were able to track down representatives of Portal 3444. There were violent altercations that became known as the Battle of the Mist in Arizona that resulted in deaths and injuries for Beings on both sides as well as a handful of humans. After the battle, the ethics committee restructured TD and fostered a reconciliation.