Our Group III

Zander’s Children could be described as the wolves. Once they discovered the organization's worth, they continued to chase them. Our Group moved its headquarters to Governor’s Point because of the newfound affluence. Operating out of a major metropolitan was too risky and Clara assumed that was how Zander’s Children discovered them.

Zander’s Children had the same demographics as Our Group, it consisted of politicians, celebrities, teachers, religious leaders and even hardware store employees. Their eyes and ears were everywhere, just like Our Group.

The main difference between the two organizations was that Zander’s Children was a global criminal group that had different sects throughout the world, while Our Group was a close-knit bunch. Clara believed that the less members there was in
organization the less risk there was. Additionally, Zander’s Children dealt mostly in high end stolen goods which is how they made and maintained their fortune. Art pieces, cars, jewelry and blackmail were their choice in goods but once Zander discovered that Our Group was worth more than most first world countries he fixated himself on taking their riches for himself.

The night was coming over Governor’s Point once again and the beaming sun that stood high in the sky during the day provided the earth with heat until the lake effect would wash it away.
“It is wise if all of you were to sleep here tonight. It is too risky to retreat to your town
residences.” Clara advised telepathically without moving an eyebrow or corner of her lip. If she thought it, they heard it, like they were all equipped with a map of each other’s minds.

The sleeping quarters in the structure were far from rustic, the beds were king sized with memory foam mattresses and Egyptian cotton sheets. The temperature in the room adjusted to the sleeper’s body temperature and essential oils catering to the sleeper’s needs were released though a mechanism that was much like an air-conditioning unit. As the members of Our Group descended into slumber an intruder lurked outside of its confines, hidden under the moonlight.

Zandra was a beautiful young woman with the build of a swimsuit model and hair of a princess. She never had a hair out of place and her conversation was always carefully planned and calculated.

Her telepathic skills were among the best in Zander’s Children. She closed her narrow green eyes and envisioned the triangle opening up, three points separating from each other, exposing an opening in the middle like a flower blooming in the springtime. Her red painted lips curved into a smile. She was in.

Her soft footsteps aided her down the hallway, not a sound could be heard. She closed her eyes and envisioned Zeke, a stunning young man who could easily be mistaken for a football star and not a high stakes criminal.
“I’ll bring Clara to the North Point of the forest. You meet me with the boat.” She
“Already ahead of you.” He responded, by closing his eyes.

She knocked on Clara’s door three times, she knew it was hers because of the rose
perfume she wore that she could smell through the cracks. Once she finished knocking, Zandra retreated out of view. The elder of Our Group opened her door, her strawberry blonde hair wrapped in an Edwardian bun, she looked in both directions with confusion. Swiftly, Clara closed her eyes and envisioned all members of the group sleeping, she told them to wake up because there was danger! Before they could come to her aid, Zandra grabbed her by the waist and dragged her out of the structure, making her way through the forest to the North Point but to her dismay, the members of the group ran after her with the stealth of a cheetah.

Gloria tackled Zandra and forced her tight grip to loosen, Clara ran towards the rest of the group.
Russell spoke, “Tell Zander to stay away from us!”
“This isn’t over.” Zeke shouted from the boat.

To Be Continued........