Our Group IV

The rest of the night was stolen away from them, they could not go to sleep and wait for the morning to clear their minds. They had to decide what to do about the situation at that moment or it would get worse.

“First our home, then Clara was almost kidnapped! The time to act is now.” said Ernest in a political tone.

Bernard, who was a minister in the town added to the debate, “We have to protect Clara. They have only done what they have up to this point to get to her.”

“How do you think we should do that? We already live in this structure, I don’t even
know how she got in!” Anthony hollered, he was a parking lot attendant who was known for his short temper and tall stature.

“She has to be relocated.” Gloria responded.

“I could not possibly--”

Ernest interrupted his leader, “There is a remote island not too far from here that Enola and I made note of just in case something like this would happen. Remember Enola?”

His wife nodded subtly, it was obvious that she did not agree with the solution.

“We must leave tonight. Before the sun comes up.” Gloria said.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” One of the other members chimed in.

“What other solution is there. This can no longer be a waiting game or somebody is going to end up dead.” Phyllis summarized.

Silence entered the room like an unwanted visitor, Clara ushered it out.

“It is settled then. Ernest will take me to the island.”

“I cannot do it alone. Who is with me?” Ernest quizzed.

Anthony, Warren, Bernard, Russell, Phyllis, Gloria, his wife, Lorraine and Agnes all
agreed to take Clara. The rest of the members voiced how hiding would be a better solution than fighting because Zander’s Children had more tricks up their sleeves than any of them had anticipated. The fighters left, the hiders stayed.

Zeke and Zandra were on the water, it was safer to travel on foot. The forest was a different world at night, it was a place of strange creatures that played along with paranoia and fear like they were old friends. Ernest lead the group, his thrust for leadership so apparent that it was intertwined in his natural movements.

Enola walked by his side but kept her head down and her lips tightly pursed. She did not know if she was going to see another sunrise, she was fearful for her life.

Suddenly, the motor of a semi-trailer rumbled throughout the forest space, the ten men and women froze in their spots. There was no formal road that ran through that part of the forest. What was a semi-trailer doing at that time of day on a makeshift path? The lights blinded them and when they realized that it was coming towards them they ran out of its destructive path until they all found themselves in an embankment.

“What the hell was that?” Ernest screamed.

Enola closed her eyes and telepathically told her husband to keep their communication non-verbal. She had a feeling they were being watched and that the truck was a reminder of Zander’s Children’s ultimate goal. From the darkness Zeke emerged with a menacing grin.

Agnes closed her eyes and in sync with Warren they formed another triangle structure, smaller than the principal one but just as sturdy. The communication between the ten would now be stronger and they would have a place to hide.

Instantly, all ten were in the smaller, newly made structure and Zeke’s grin was out of sight. They knew that the trip ahead was going to be challenging, especially when they were going to encounter Zandra, who would be able to breach the structures like she did before. After retreating for what felt like days but was only seven minutes they continued through the forest along the shoreline of the lake.

Ernest communicated with Clara, “Once we reach the edge, we will have to sail to the island. There is no way around it.”

Clara responded, her only verbal sound a gentle sigh, “That is a change I will have to take.”

To Be Continued .....

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