Our Group ll

The police station was never really busy. Robberies, vandalism and noise were the main complaints that the police received, real crime was something for the Big City.
The three boys entered the station, the policeman sitting at the desk immediately stood up. The boys figured that he assumed that they were troublemakers trying to accomplish a last-minute summer prank.
“Officer, we found something really strange in the forest.” The second boy informed him.
“Oh really? An abandoned bicycle? A nefarious substance?” The tone of the officer
sounded like he was mocking the boys.
“We’re not joking, there is a giant, ugly, gray triangle in the middle of the woods!” The
third boy hollered, suddenly the noise in the station ceased to exist and all eyes were on the third boy, his curly red hair in his face.
“Why don’t you boys go home before it gets dark and your parent begin to worry?” the Officer suggested with no ounce of concern.
“What did I tell you?” the third boy whispered to his friends in a low voice.
The screams coming from the colonial style mansion that sat on the hill overlooking the lake were to remain imprinted in the minds of the residents for the rest of their days. It was the sort of sound that was hollow and dark. There was no fear in the screams that they heard but realization and hopelessness. The victim was frozen in time and nothing could be done to prevent the harm that was about to be done to them. The mansion belonged to Ernest Young and he was a beloved local politician that frequented the capital but made sure to remain involved in local activity. He was accomplished but young, a tan thirty seven year old who's muscular build
gave away that he enjoyed outdoor sports. His wife Enola who was equally as attractive was sleeping next to him when it happened. They had no children due to Enola’s fertility problems and their german shepard stayed with their parents most of the year because of his fear of the water.
Ernest looked at his wife and saw blood coming from the top of her head, their sheets were covered in crimson.
“What is happening?” She cried as her entire body shook.
“Somebody came in here and tried to kill us!” Ernest screamed.
“Do you think,” Enola’s voice began to tremble as much as her body, “It’s them?”
“They would stop at nothing but I thought we had it handled. I thought Clara planned for this.”
“We can’t stay here. Not now that they know that we are here!” She cried.
“They will find us wherever they go! We have to do something Enola, we have to call
her!” Ernest demanded as he stumbled towards the phone.

“They want what we have!” Agnes declared, she was wearing a smart business skirt suit indicating that she just left her law office.
“Then what are we going to do about it? My wife and I were almost killed last night? I
installed the most top-rated security system in the country. If Zander and his lackeys are able to infiltrate it that means that none of us are safe!” Ernest explained.
“Please everyone, calm down,” Clara instructed in a rational tone, “The only thing that has changed is the timeline. We knew they were going to do this.”
“You say it like they knocked over our mailbox with their truck by accident,” the
politician began, “My wife and I were almost killed last night! Do I need my house cleaner to come in and show you the blood stained sheets?!”
“I am sympathetic to what has happened to you and Enola but we cannot make
spontaneous decisions that will put everybody else here in danger.”
“We need to do something, some kids were poking around the station yesterday talking about the triangle.” Warren added, reclining in the chair.
“I am aware, residents are beginning to notice.” Clara confirmed.
“I thought that having our resident homes in town would throw them off?” Gloria
questioned, she was known to the public as 'fitness goddess'. She released many videos on aerobics and pilates. She was also in the process of developing her own fitness clothing line and health drinks.
“This is a situation we have been dealing with for years, the circumstances have changed and we have prepared for that. Our main residence is within these walls, and as far as I know Zander and his followers are not aware of that fact. Insiders have informed me that they believe this structure is a decoy or an occult symbol.”
“I’m just saying that if Zander and his followers were eager and bold enough to break
into the mansion on the hill last night, nothing will stop them from poking around here.” Phyllis offered, she was good friends with Enola and was concerned for her welfare.
“From now on we must strictly communicate telephathically with each other, if we speak like we are now, Zander will find us out.” Clara announced.
“We can only communicate telepathically, thanks to the structure, what happens if Zander or one of his followers breach the confines?” Warren inquired.
“We will cross that bridge when we get there. Meeting adjourned.”

To Be Continued.....