Our Group V

The sun was beginning to peak through the tall pines. Panic took complete control. In the direction of the rising sun, Zandra appeared.

“Give us Clara and the rest of you can walk away.”

“You don’t call the shots here.” Gloria clarified, her communication skills growing weaker.

They created another triangle structure despite fear of Zandra penetrating it, but their fears came true. They would have to face her once and for all.

They had to be just as clever as she was. Enola closed her eyes and envisioned another triangle just along the shore of the lake, right after Zandra left and fled to the next structure. Ernest smiled, it was genius! Enola had tricked her momentarily.  They had to get to the island but only few could flee. Ernest and Clara departed.

The island was in plain sight and Ernest felt relief overcoming him. He could see on Clara’s face that she felt the exact same way, but then he finally came-- it was Zander on a boat, blocking their view of the piece of land. There was only one way to defeat him.
“You cannot have the riches we have earned” Ernest declared.

“There is no choice in this. Give it to us or you all die.” He boomed.

Clara closed her eyes and envisioned a triangle underneath the boat Zander was on, they both transferred to it immediately. The stand off was tense and even though they both died, Clara had won, Our Group had their riches and Zander’s Children had nothing.

To Be Continued........