6924 is a Cooperative Market. By some accounts, it is the largest cooperative Portal community in the Manta Network. The Manta Network is the Largest network of Portals in North America. 91224 is a government Portal in North America and some would say is the largest Cooperative community outside of Africa. 91224 is not in the Manta Network. 6924 added a board seat in November of 2018 and had their first board meeting since adding a seat in North Carolina.

4231 is what is known as a Frozen Portal in the Manta Network. Outside of the Manta Network a Frozen Portal can sometimes refer to Portals located in freezing temperatures. In the Manta Network, Frozen Portals refer to the way Portals use spawn locations. Typically, visitors spawn in a location by themselves. While a guest in the Portal, time in the default world seems to slow down almost to a halt. Some Beings think communications are projected directly into the brain and the entire experience happens in a blink of an eye resulting in leaving a Frozen Portal and noticing that only a few minutes have passed despite the feeling of having spent hours or days in the portal. Because of the nature of Frozen Portal, 4231 is the least known Being to ever be elected to the board of directors of 6924. 9155 was preselected to facilitate and had been the facilitator over the last 2 years. Even as a teenager, having been raised in Portal Transport Unit 9155 is the closest to a child celebrity the Manta Network has ever had. After the check-in rounds, when it was time for proposals, there was a bit of shock as 4231 promptly proposed removing and replacing the facilitator for all subsequent board meetings.What happens next may never be fully understood. 9144 stood up and left and went into hiding.