Space Change - a card game by Trail & Portal®️

Space Change

(a Trail & Portal®️ card game) 

For 2-4 players + a dealer



Each game has an initial buy-in. The house determines the initial buy-in. 

The game is over when all the players are eliminated except for the winner. 

Step 1

The dealer deals out 4 cards face down for each player. 

The dealer flips over one card from the house deck.  If it's a face card, they flip another card.  If it’s an ace, they deal another face down card to each player. 

Each player flips one card over from their hand.  Each player that flipped over a face card will immediately play an additional card until it’s a 2-10 number card.  

How to Find the Sum: 

Number cards are at face value

Ace = 1

Jack = 2

Queen = 3

King = 4

Add them together.

After each player has completed that portion of the round, we check for challenges.  

If the sum of the dealers displayed (flipped) cards match any other player's sum of their displayed (flipped) cards, then the dealer deals another card for themselves and the players with a matching sum.  

If any of the players displayed (flipped) cards now match, the dealer deals one card to each of the players with sums of their displayed (flipped) cards matching each other. 

The player with the highest value cards displayed at the end of the round, have the same number of cards they played replaced. Plus one card added for the player who has a higher hand than the dealer

All other players between the highest and lowest cards displayed simply have their cards replaced with one card. 

If a player does not have enough cards to continue that round, The dealer will play the cards first face up for that player. So that the player can continue the round. If they lose that round they are out of the game. If they gain a card they can keep the cards. If the cards are to be replaced they will be replaced as if they had them.

For a game variation, eliminated players can buy a new hand at 10% of the pot after it's been divided by the number of players. If the remaining pot is $100 and there are two players left, if the second player is eliminated and wants to continue, it would be $100 divided by two and 10% of that number.