The legend of the dog walker

Charles and Brink Enterprise was a front for nefarious activity near Hollister, CA. They shipped produce to the east coast and tested products that reduced refrigeration needs. 

They worked with green agencies to find funding and conduct shipping trials. While this was all legal, the tendency to discard produce because of failed experiments provided them with a cover they could use for what was largely a black market transport business.

Meanwhile, in Chunksville, California there was a squad of Beings that shared the ability to communicate with canines. Chunksville was the regional headquarters for Canine Trails Inc. a small west coast dog walking placement service where the Beings who ran it also conducted experiments and practiced the craft of communication. Most experiments were with a special canine affectionately known as ‘The Leash’. Not all communication between Beings and canines was as smooth as it was with The Leash, who seemed to be able to amplify Being to canine communications when present. 

In 2019 when The Leash was a puppy, he was instrumental in recovering a lost child near Stinson Beach. His handlers, who were Beings, noticed that the communication with other canines while The Leash was present seemed more fluid and almost conversational. 

Recent battles, personal as well as professional, had left the Beings of Canine Trails, in need of financial increase. Some of the Beings started using back channels to find other work. Almost like a private eye team. 

When one of the Beings got into some trouble while investigating a lead for a client, two Beings of Canine Trails Inc offered to help, leading them to the Hollister area after communicating with canines that had been traveling with semi trucks toward Humboldt County. The dogs had passed through Hollister and gave the Beings helpful leads while at a truck stop in Chunksville. Those two Beings never returned from Hollister. That's when a few Beings decided to take The Leash to the Hollister area to investigate. 

Initially leaving Hollister empty-handed, the team of Beings and The Leash spent about a month near Cal Poly and by chance stumbled upon some Charles and Brink employees regularly meeting with some retired Cal Poly professors doing private research. One of the professors would occasionally bring his dog to lunch meetings. 

To Be Continued…..