Your Personal Experience

Personal Experience


[Excerpt from the New Being Orientation 2022]

Your Sub-Side experience will likely mimic your World-Side experience. Your experience will be a reflection of who you are, this is colloquially known as the “sub-side advantage”. It is based on the idea that the Sub-Side experience does not, in most cases, use time in normal ways. This allows for a distillation of thought and therefore the opportunity to be more deliberate in one's thoughts and actions. 


Illustratively, there are those who believe there is no difference between world-siders and Sub-Siders. This is known as the scale paradigm. This paradigm suggests that the Sub-Siders experience is natural, logical and expected and that all humans can experience it in their own way. The scale paradigm has two competing ideas that its proponents enjoy debating. Some factions think the scale paradigm points to humanity evolving it as some form of singularity; the other faction believes all of humanity and all of life is already one thing.  While that's agreed upon by most Sub-Siders, the latter believes that oneness exists as a function of combined awareness and the expansion of that awareness as opposed to evolution on display.


You'll find, like the World-Side, the Sub-Side  has infinite paradigms, customs and opinions. They get discussed and expressed regularly as a matter of course. You too will find paradigms, factions, groups, causes and journeys.